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When I was younger, I was scared of my dad. Myself and my two siblings. You know that thing when you always send the youngest to ask for stuff from the parents? We did it. And anytime we asked my mum for something and she said “Ask your daddy”, we decided we didn’t really need whatever we asked for. Especially if it was homework. Imagine asking him for help, he will drill us so hard that you will wonder if it was necessary. In fact you that asked for the help will regret it so much out of frustration. My dad is the strictest I know. All my friends are afraid of him. My cousins too. The one time one of our neighbors owed my mum money, he was so unlucky that when he finally brought it, it was my dad he met at home. My dad gave him a talking to, I’m sure he has told his story.

One time in primary school, the maid lied against me and my dad literally chased me down the street with a cane. At first I ran in circles but I realized that I couldn’t keep up for long, so I started running down the street. This man chased me. We fell down eventually and the chase stopped. My dad decided I wouldn’t be going to school that day.  I realized that meant it would be just both of us at home I knelt down and begged to go to school, what normally would have been a treat for me, became a horror. I went to school that day, thank God.

Also, my dad never says thank you. He made us clean the house so much we forgot to eat and when he came back, he only looked for what was wrong. We’ve always avoided my dad, myself and my siblings. It’s only my brother who went to sit with him to talk to him. Once he came to the parlor, we left. If we had to go to church in separate cars it was with my mum. I’ve never been close to my dad.


In 100 level, some guy asked me to call my dad and I did. We use pay phones in school so people were waiting for me. That day we spoke for almost an hour. I was even more frustrated than the people waiting for me but he was so happy so he spoke about everything and anything.

My dad traveled a few days ago and I miss him so much so I called him yesterday. I realized that I’ve missed out on so much and I wish we were closer. You know my dad is pretty awesome. I’ll tell you  why.

Last Sunday, we got to church about 30 minutes to the end because myself and my sister wasted so much time. Even when my mum was yelling at us, he came to tell us he was ready and was waiting for us. He told me I looked beautiful.

When my boyfriend came to my house, he gave him the speech of life. He told him not to hurt me and that he had invested so much in me to watch anyone ruin it. That day, my dad stood up for me. I was so proud(I also felt sorry for Le boo).

My dad wakes up early to see me off to work. He also hugs me every time I come back at night. I know he’s really happy to see me, his smile says it all.

When one of the neighbors dogs was let lose and I told him I had encountered them twice, he called the neighbor at 6 in the morning and told him to keep his dogs. The man said he wanted to kill one of the dogs, my dad said if he had his way, he would kill the two.

My dad is funny too. He makes us laugh and he’s so cool, plus he gives us money whenever we ask(if only I had been asking all these years).

When I was going through some things my dad found out about, He didn’t raise his voice at me. He cried and told me he loved me. He prayed for me and helped me get through.

He also has a list of things we should be able to do before we leave home. He wrote it before I was born, he always had us in mind before me and my siblings came.

In secondary school, my dad wrote us letters. He always gave us advice and he always told us he loved us.

I was going to enter for a poetry contest, my dad helped me with mine. Needless to say, I got picked. He’s an excellent writer(I got that from him).

Whenever we buy new clothes, the best part is modelling them for my dad. He considers himself a fashion expert. He actually has excellent taste in shoes, he loves shoes actually.

When my brother was going to a new school and happened to be behind, he sat with him everyday, copied notes for him and taught him what he could.

I once tried to trick my dad by covering his eyes. He felt my hands and instantly knew it was me.

It was my dad who first taught me how to cook rice.

The first time I left home was boarding school. My mum said when they got out, he parked the car and cried.

I can go on but I’ll stop here. Now that I realize how awesome this man is I wish we had always been close. But since that time’s gone, I’m going to make the best use of it. 

Hopefully in a while, he’ll be walking me down the aisle. We’ll also have the first dance at my wedding. I’ll cry I know that because as I write this post, I;m trying to keep myself from crying. I love my dad so much and he loves me too. I’m happy I’ve realized that now. My dad is a model father and husband. The man who wants to marry me has a high standard to meet up with, lol. My dad’s dad died when he was very young and he lost his mum not too long after, but he still turned out to be awesome. There’s no excuse for failure!

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But then I wonder, “If my earthly father loves me this much, how much more my heavenly father”? This week, I put up a slide show as my wall paper in the office, they are posts to remind me of God’s love. Every time I  read them I smile. But the question is, have you lost time with God?  Do you feel like it’s too late? I just want you to know that his love doesn’t go away. You know His love is like music, beautiful non-stop music. And H’e waiting on the dance floor to have this dance with you? He’s ready but are you ready to “Dance with The Father”?

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Love always,

Aunty Hotstuff ♥♥



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