Valentines Day Bants

Hi guys,
Another Valentines Day is upon us! Are we happy?  Are we excited? I am!

Unfortunately Bae isn’t here but my Valentine still rocked. And I just got a package delivered for my Baby(Fiber Rose)! So yaass I’m excited. You should be too.


Special Valentine Package for Fiber Rose <3 <3

I really just want to show you guys funny pictures is all. I've laughed and why should I deprive you of the joy this valentine. As a matter of fact if your bae doesn't perform today this is me being your bae making you happy and stoffs. So here we go!


I particularly like this one! =)). Ladies don’t we agree? Our job is to follow you out! Dassall


Lmao! Are you smart? Ask yourself when is our own Valentine. Today? Or Tomorrow? Know your stand! Stay in your lane!  Be grateful that you get to even celebrate at all!


The worst or nah! =))


Lol funny. But God loves you though. You know right?


What’s your excuse?

Lol but really though,  yes we are expected to show people love in Vals day and all but are you showing them love every other day of the year? Is the love really in how much you spend or the gestures? What’s the point of spending so much with no love involved?

I’m taking today however to appreciate God for His love and for always being there!
And Dami!  I love You.  Thank you for being my best friend and my lover. I appreciate you! We’ve been through the worst by I find myself loving you and wanting you more. I wish you were here so we could do random stuff and cuddle but your halfway across the world :(


I’m glad I chose you. That for the few years we’ve been together I haven’t let go. I’ll continue to choose you. Not because you’re perfect, but because your imperfections make what we have beautiful. Because imperfections are art. Like when the sun is out but it’s raining, or when a rainbow comes out after the storm, like broken sea shells on the oceans sand and freckles splashes across beautiful skin, imperfections are art. So I love you for your imperfections and for accepting mine.  I love you for loving me and for seeing the best in me. For taking my successes as yours and my losses too. For dreaming up our future with me and sticking with me as we’ve gone along. I love You!

I cannot wait to have our wedding dance and then the honeymoon and then babies! 5 beautiful babies <3. I want to grow old with you and lay on your chest and talk about years back when we were young, of how we fell in love and how we have remained best friends through the years. You have shown me what love is and I'll spend the rest of my days sharing with you my idea of love.

I love you babe! 
Happy Valentines Day :*

Ps: I'm angry with you :|. Better ping me soon after you read this

My Val’s has been great so far btw




So Happy Valentines day to the rest of you! In the spirit of Valentine show my blog some love and share this post. Thank You guys!

I love you!
Aunty Hotstuff :*:*