Flappy Bird or Angry Bird?


First of all, Flappy Bird is a struggle. The sound alone the thing makes when the bird touches one of those pole things is enough to leave someone depressed. I took it up as a challenge and installed the thing on my device but for the life of me I haven’t been able to get the thing past two poles. I gave up. I had the good mind to uninstall it but then my friend got a high score of 143 so why waste his Efforts?  I’m that generous ^_^.


On the other hand I Love Angry Birds. I mean, the bird gladly gets into the catapult and is flung away to bring down some structures. Never mind that the bird is squashed,  they are rejuvenated in the next level besides squashed birds give points.

What am I getting At?  I don’t love games that much to do a review so you’re safe.
Flappy Bird for me depicts getting through life on ones own that is without God or the Holy Spirit. You keep trying, life is trial and error. You fall, you get back up but there’s no guarantee you’re coming back up again plus no points for falling. It’s like your efforts are in vain. As far as I know there isn’t even a next level. You fall you get right back to the beginning no matter how far you’ve Gotten! 

Angry Birds though is for me getting through life with someone to help. Someone who sees beyond what you see and stirs you in that direction and for me that someone is God. Even when you fall, you get points for that because God lives us fallen or not. It’s like when people mock you for doing the right thing, it might hurt but God rewards.

I don’t know if my point is clear but I hope you got something from this. It’s easier being an Angry Bird. Let’s just say Angry there is “on fire” or “passionate” something of that sort. Playing Flappy Bird bade me realize that I really don’t want to go through life falling and starting over with no one to guide me. But now that you see it this way, what’s your Take?

Have a great day. I love you but God loves you more ♡. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment and share. God Bless,
Aunty Hotstuff ♡♡

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