Roll Call… Please Answer “Present”

We are in the center of it,

The Casualties?

That’s us.

Please answer “present”

As you hear your name.



Hey. You,

Afraid to go out at night,

Fear of the unknown,

Not the future though.

The ones who go around,

Agents of God knows who,

Kind napping,



Number 2.

You’re afraid to sleep at night,

The sight of so many bodies,



Piled like months old dirt.

Another blast,

Many more lives.




Where is Dad?

Why hasn’t mum Called?

What has Happened?

Why am I in the Dark?

Fear sits by your side,

Terror whispering into you ears,

Tears garnish your eyes.

All you have,

Have you Lost?



It was supposed to turn out differently,

Unanswered calls,

Un replied texts.

Breaking news

“Bomb blast at…”

“So so and so number feared dead,

Many injured”


You black out.

That explains it.

Your next destination,


Will you even recognize Them?

Your husband and your Kids?

Your hands are unsteady,

You can’t think,

You just drive.


Oya oya move,

Who’s Next?

Ehen you.

They just got home two weeks ago,

Mid term or what did they say it was.

Now back in school,

Phone calls…

“Have you Heard? “

You turn on the news,

“234 girls kidnapped”

Flip channels,

“100 Girls kkdnapped”

Linda Ikeji

“200 girls kidnapped”

The varying numbers do not matter.

Where is your Daughter?

The only one you Have?

Where have they taken Her?

What will you do.


Nuumber…. Just come,  

You’re about to go on NYSC.

That’s what they call it.

You’ve tried your best to work it,

Anywhere but the North.

Abuja would have been a luxury,

But is no longer safe.

Is anywhere Safe?

Must you endanger your life,

For a meager 19,800?

Is anywhere Safe?

“Kid machetes corper”

“Corper killed”

“Blast in so so so place,

Many corpers affected”

What awaits You?

Anywhere but the North.

But is anywhere really Safe?


Ooo oya come now.

Being a Christian was easy,

Church was great.

Until they started getting your members,

One at a time.

Prayer became hard,

Your God became a secret,

You maybe wear an hijab for effect.


You watch as they slit Sister Angel’s throat.

She has done nothing wrong.

Except she’s a christian.


Don’t wait for me to call number

Just be coming.




What are we Doing?

Where is our Government?

Are they on Twitter?

Are they Listening?

Reading our 140 characters,

Feeling our Plight?

Are they Asleep?

Why are we treated as puppets,

No value for our lives?

Are we all in the Dark?

Why has no one proposed a way forward?

Why are we not finding the way and forging Forward?



If you dinna hear your name,

Come back tomorrow,

We’ll continue from where we stopped.

But we are all casualties,

Living in fear,

Where Next?

What Next?

Who Next?

Our voices echo back to us,

Nobody had answers,

When will this end.

When will we be able to finally clean our sores,

Knowing they have finally dried up.

When will we rest,

Knowing our wounds won’t have to be gashed open Again?




We need to pray for our country. The true casualties are those of us left behind living in fear. We are no longer safe. Only God can help us. God bless Nigeria

I love you, but God loves you more.
Aunt Hotstuff ♥♥


Photo credit: Google(dot)com

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I was going to wait till I was done with exams so I could have ample time and a proper time table to blog but I had to post this. I woke up this morning not realizing it was Good Friday. I said a short prayer and started studying for my paper. Then I realize what day it is and I can’t help myself and start writing. Today is a significant day for all of us and let’s treat it as such. Today’s celebration is the reason we are free. The reason sickness and disease should have nothing on us. The reason we have the Holy Spirit. All because someone exchanged His life that we might live. Think about it for a moment. Someone died for YOU! What greater love are you looking to find? Please enjoy my short piece. Be blessed. Take a moment to read Luke 22-24.


He knew the day had come,

The hour drew closer faster ants to food morsels,

Still, He sat with his friends,

Broke bread,

Drank wine,

Reassuring them when He Himself,

Would go through the crux of it all.


Love flowing through his veins,

Deserted by his friends in time of need.

He watched as they came for him,

Like a criminal,

Although he was holier than all.

Love flowing through his veins,

He healed a the misplaced ear.


Ridicule, shame,

Accusations he was not guilty of,

But still did not deny,

Worst of all pain.

Whips and spikes,

Bruises adorned his skin,

Their Laughter,

Their willingness for His blood to be on their heads!

Yet he knew not anger,

But love was flowing through his veins.


For the same ones he was killed,

The same ones he forgave,

The same ones who hung him on a tree.

Still, in that dying moment,

He prayed.

Not for the pain, not for his shame,

But for the same ones who ridiculed,

The same ones who handed him over to the prince of death.

Yet love was flowing through his veins.


Love for me,

Love for you.

Love so strong,

A man with no blemish,

Gave it all up for us.

It didn’t matter who we were,

It still doesn’t matter what we’ve don.

Love covers all.

The kind of love that transcends life,

The kind that compares not to the cross or 5 inch nails,

The kind that dies so I might live,

That you might too.

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Flappy Bird or Angry Bird?


First of all, Flappy Bird is a struggle. The sound alone the thing makes when the bird touches one of those pole things is enough to leave someone depressed. I took it up as a challenge and installed the thing on my device but for the life of me I haven’t been able to get the thing past two poles. I gave up. I had the good mind to uninstall it but then my friend got a high score of 143 so why waste his Efforts?  I’m that generous ^_^.


On the other hand I Love Angry Birds. I mean, the bird gladly gets into the catapult and is flung away to bring down some structures. Never mind that the bird is squashed,  they are rejuvenated in the next level besides squashed birds give points.

What am I getting At?  I don’t love games that much to do a review so you’re safe.
Flappy Bird for me depicts getting through life on ones own that is without God or the Holy Spirit. You keep trying, life is trial and error. You fall, you get back up but there’s no guarantee you’re coming back up again plus no points for falling. It’s like your efforts are in vain. As far as I know there isn’t even a next level. You fall you get right back to the beginning no matter how far you’ve Gotten! 

Angry Birds though is for me getting through life with someone to help. Someone who sees beyond what you see and stirs you in that direction and for me that someone is God. Even when you fall, you get points for that because God lives us fallen or not. It’s like when people mock you for doing the right thing, it might hurt but God rewards.

I don’t know if my point is clear but I hope you got something from this. It’s easier being an Angry Bird. Let’s just say Angry there is “on fire” or “passionate” something of that sort. Playing Flappy Bird bade me realize that I really don’t want to go through life falling and starting over with no one to guide me. But now that you see it this way, what’s your Take?

Have a great day. I love you but God loves you more ♡. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment and share. God Bless,
Aunty Hotstuff ♡♡

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