There is Such A Thing As Love


I’ve come to learn that love isn’t a fairy tale. It’s kind of hard even. It’s not easy to be patient or kind or not rude. It’s work. And it sure wasn’t easy for Jesus to get nailed to the cross; crushed bones, torn flesh. It couldn’t have been easy.

Love is one of the side effects of living. We fall in love. We find love. We are born into love. We have to love our families just because, we find The One, we meet people who love us so much we have to respond.  Lol. We go through life meeting love at spots where we least expect and sometimes even at times when we didn’t think it was what we needed.

But love is work. So we forget. We forget the beginnings, the good days, the lives we’ve built. Just because it gets hard. I’ve often asked myself “Is there such a thing as love?”

Last night I had the worst nightmare. It was about to get worse when I woke up. The first thing I felt was someone hold me then I heard “it’s only a dream, it’s only a dream, it’s only a dream.” I believe that was the Holy Spirit stopping me before I could start to panic. Calming me down because all the while I slept He was there watch to over me.

I was still a little scared so I pinged M. I didn’t think He’d wake up but he did. And talked me through my dream and all the shit I’m going through. He stayed up at 5 am with me till he knew I was okay.

I went back to bed but my mum came to check on me. You see I’m having this thing today for my birthday since my real birthday is a Monday(15th) so she’d been up cooking for me and my friends. She didn’t look tired but so happy doing it for me. And that wasn’t enough she wants cake and Ice cream for me.

Then I went up to my parents room to find my dad arranging my mum’s books this early morning.  He was at her bedside putting things in order. No complains.

Today, my friends are coming out with me to celebrate my not so real birthday today. You see Dami is coming all the way from oshogbo for me! And Blessing is forfeiting her “plans”, Mino is planning his day around my day so he can be with me. Alma is just excited to go to the beach but is dragging Deji along.  Chiamaka will turn up for me just because. Anita has CDS but she’ll come anyway. Funmi stayed, maybe not totally cause of me but I know low key it’s part of why.  And Lamide will drag Harold.  All for me. So thanks to all these people I get 2 birthdays this year. And you ask of there’s such a thing as love!

I’ve come to learn that life will get tough.  Love will seem unlikely. Times will get hard but in all, there is love all around me even when I don’t see it. So yes, there  is such a thing as love.

I’m holding on to that. You should too. Celebrate the love you have in your life before you lose it for reasons you’d layer regret.

To everyone working to make my day the best, I love you. To all of you who are patient with my sporadic blogging I love you too. To Dami who has pushed me regardless and stayed with me I love you the most of all.

God’s got you.
Aunty Hotstuff