You’re Sitting on a High Horse

A lot of us go through life on a high horse. We are so stuck up we don’t even know.  We get off judging other people down grading their emotions or experiences and sometimes it becomes such a habit that we don’t even know.

I once asked someone if what he hated was homosexuals or homosexuality and he said both. It broke my heart into a million pieces. Why would you hate someone because they do something you don’t agree with or because they “sin”. Don’t you?

As Christians our place is not to judge others but to try to get them to know what is right and to accept them despite their decisions. Not to accept their sin but them because they are people first before “sinners” and because sin is sin. Whether you lie or you kill or you sleep with members of the same sex. God sees it all as sin. No greater or lesser sin.


We need to differentiate people from their mistakes because as people we will always make mistakes. It’s okay not to agree with an opinion or lifestyle but get off your freaking high horse and stop acting like you’re better. It’s not okay. I’m sure it makes God sad when He sees the people He created making stupid mistakes and do things we have no business doing but you don’t see Him sitting in heaven shooting arrows at everyone’s head who does something stupid. He keeps forgiving and letting go and loving us no matter how much we hurt Him. So why do we take other people’s lives so personal that we can’t even stand them? When really I think people will respond more to compassion and patience rather than hostility or judgement especially not when we are not in the place to do so. 

So, when I find myself in such situations I ask myself one thing


Are we sitting on the high horse because we think “All I so is lie once in a while! She sleeps around.  Ugh” or “With everything I’m a better Christian [or person]“? Which is your poison?


The picture says it all to be honest. 

Have the best day.
I love you but God loves you more.
Aunty Hotstuff

Photo Credit: Instagram :)